Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sweet Tooth

I have a sweet tooth that cannot be tamed.  Any sweet treat is great, but my palette prefers homemade goodies.  This weekend we made some Christmas cookies.  They say you are what you eat.  The pictures below I think accurately describe the culinary artist.

Molly:  Simple but Elegant 
(Hey, I'm the blogger here.  I can describe myself however I want:))

 Teeyl:  Quality over Quantity

Hesston:  A bit Overzealous

Cooper:  Thoughtful and Methodical

 Kristin:  A Blank Canvas?  Party-Pooper?  She was probably helping everyone else, so we'll go with "Self-less"  

The final product.  This should satisfy the cravings of any sweet tooth.  

Final Ramblings:
This time next week I'll have a diploma in my hand for my Master's Degree. 
A proud accomplishment, but not quite as impressive as my Spelling Bee title.